Limited Conservatorship for Special Needs or Developmentally Disabled in Woodland Hills

We asked Mina Sirkin, a specialist conservatorship attorney to provide you with Free Limited Conservatorship forms in California, in a list format which is suitable for use for families who prefer to prepare them in a self-help situation. A Limited Conservatorship packet of forms is available free of charge in the Stanley Mosk Court, Los Angeles Superior Court in room 439. Please note, the list of the forms is comprehensive, but the yellow highlighted forms are specifically used in Limited Conservatorships.  The links in the document are to each pdf form which you can print and use.

If you are in the following cities and near areas, and you need paralegal help or attorney help for your limited conservatorship we can assist you in the following cities in California: Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Calabasas Hills, Beverly Hills, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles County and all towns in the San Fernando Valley area throughout Southern California. Our professional legal staff of Certified Paralegals is here to assist you with a limited conservatorship.

Are you thinking of a professional conservator for your special needs child?

Many parents start to think about what would happen to their special needs child, if the parent is disabled or dies. There are professional fiduciaries who act as private or professional conservators in limited conservatorships. Call us to get more information and get assistance in how to provide for a disabled child in the future. Talk to us about a special needs conservator.

Conservatorships Seminars by Los Angeles Attorney

One of the top conservatorship lawyers in Los Angeles is promoting a series of  Conservatorships Seminars in Los Angeles.   The first seminar is an elder conservatorship seminar., and the second seminar is for special needs conservatorships topics.

Here are the details of the seminars for you use:



Parents, grandparents and family members with who care for a special needs adult or an adult.


Seminar Date:  December 9, 2019 11a


  • Learn how to file for conservatorship and protect the special needs person.
  • What benefits are available for a special needs person.
  • What Regional Center Benefits you may be entitled to, but not told about.
  • Handling Social Security benefits for disabled persons.



Once you register, you will receive an email and text confirmation.

Seminars are limited to 10 participants.

Limited Conservatorship Paralegal California

Wha does a Limited Conservatorship Paralegal do in California?  Paralegals by definition are required to be supervised by attorneys.   Our attorney supervised paralegals have over 20 years of experience with Limited Conservatorships.   We have helped many families who need to protect their adult children who are unable to sign power of attorney documents.

Duties of a paralegal are different than of a document preparer.   A paralegal has training in the specific area and has attended classes, and is answerable to an attorney who assist with legal questions.   When you are looking for California paralegals, look for experience and be sure that attorney help is available.

When seeking legal counsel, we can direct you to an attorney who can help you with technical knowledge of the local area judges.   For example, Los Angeles County has the following departments, each of which has a judge who may hear your Limited Conservatorship case:  Departments in Los Angeles County downtown Central Court that handle Limited Conservatorships:  2D, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 29, 67, 79, and 99 all have different probate judges.   We can tell you what you can expect in each department of the probate court in Los Angeles.

We can assist you with a Limited Conservatorship and probate services in Los Angeles,

Email us at or call us at 213-260-0026 for help with Limited Conservatorship in California.

Limited Conservatorship Forms for California Developmentally Disabled Conservatorship

We asked Mina Sirkin, a specialist conservatorship attorney to provide you with Free Limited Conservatorship forms in California, in a list  which is suitable for use for families who prefer to prepare them in a self-help situation.  Please note, the list is comprehensive, but the yellow highlighted forms are specifically used in Limited Conservatorships.  The links in the document are to each pdf form which you can print and use.

We can assist you in the following cities in California: Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Culver City, Encino, Glendale, Hidden Hills, Irvine, Los Angeles, Burbank, Pacific Palisades, all towns in the San Fernando Valley area, San Marino, Pasadena, Santa Ana, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Tustin, Westlake Village and throughout Southern California.


Signs that a Person Needs to be in a Conservatorship in California


Many people ask us about the signs of needing a conservatorship in California.   We generally ask our clients to tell us about what the disabled persons can do or can’t do for themselves.  In the old days, a conservatorship of an adult in California was called a Guardianship of an adult.   Now matters regarding disabled adults are categorized under Conservatorships. We first explore alternatives to conservatorships.


—— Feed

____ Keep a clean environment

____ Put Clothing on themselves

____ Bathe

____ Make medical decisions

____ Make medical appointments

____  Purchase food or other items

____  Speak or communicate ideas to others

____  Pay a bill

____  Write a check

____  Keep track of money

____  Make correct change at a grocery store

_____ Can the person be left alone safely?

_____ Does the person exercise good judgment about safety issues?

See how many of these fit the person you are concerned about and want to protect in a conservatorship.  A conservatorship attorney in Los Angeles wrote an article about additional signs that a person should be in a conservatorship which is written regarding elderly when there are no alternatives.

Contact us at if you want to know more about conservatorships and how to protect your parent or disabled child.

California Limited Conservatorship Paralegals


A Limited Conservatorship is set up for the purpose of helping a person with disabilities, where the disability came about before the age of eighteen 18 in California.   Most persons for whom limited conservatorships are filed in California, are clients of the Regional Centers around California.  Our probate service is geared to help you get through the probate system as fast as possible.   We are generally faster than the probate clinic or Bet Tzedek.

A Limited Conservatee in most cases has some ability to complete tasks, perhaps with some direction, or not at all.   The purpose behind this type of conservatorship is to allow the proposed conservatee to keep some of his or her own rights.   Generally, the Regional Centers in California at a transition IPP, make a recommendation for a limited conservatorship, if they benefit their client.  It is said that it is beneficial for a person to keep his rights to the extent possible, but also protect the young adult.   Limited Conservatorships are a dual protection and independence system for adults, and often young adults with special needs in California.


When we prepare your conservatorship papers and file them, you will have a choice of using our conservatorship service in two ways and two choices:

1) Pro Per Conservatorships mean self represented and self help conservatorship petitioners who want to have us complete the paper work for the conservatorship to obtain Letters of Conservatorship and an order to appoint them as conservators.  In Pro Per Limited Conservatorships, we do not make any court appearances for you, but help you with completion of all documents for the conservatorship.  These are all flat fee limited conservatorship cases.

2) Limited Conservatorship with attorney help is the second way we assist you in obtaining a limited conservatorship in California.  With this type of service, a supervising attorney will make your appearance at no cost to you when you use our limited conservatorship services in downtown Los Angeles, central court’s conservatorship court.  Our paralegals complete all of the paperwork for you and the attorney will be there with you at the hearing, in the event there are any questions that the judge asks.  If you need an attorney in other counties, please call us first. There is an appearance fees in other counties EXCEPT in Los Angeles at the Central Court. There is no attorney appearance fee for the Limited Conservatorship in Los Angeles when you use our service.  The attorney’s appearance is free.


Because Los Angeles County courts are so overwhelmed with cases, and the Bet Tzedek free conservatorship clinic takes a long time to process your paperwork and conservatorship forms in California, we offer limited conservatorship packages to our customers at a flat fee cost.  Our services are faster than the Bet Tzedek clinic in Los Angeles because you can pick up the phone and talk to our paralegals and there are no long lines.   We electronically file all of your papers in court so there is fast turn around to get a hearing date.  We are also able to handle all emergencies in conservatorships.  There is no income limitation on our services, and we do accept credit cards to serve you.


Los Angeles  Santa Monica Long Beach Malibu Pasadena Compton Glendale Burbank Pomona Torrance Manhattan Beach Beverly Hills Whittier Calabasas Norwalk Downey West Hollywood Redondo Beach Santa Clarita Marina del Rey Lancaster Palmdale El Segundo Carson West Covina Inglewood East Los Angeles La Cañada Flintridge Cerritos Hawthorne Montebello El Monte Monterey Park Gardena Culver City Arcadia Hermosa Beach Pico Rivera Baldwin Park Hidden Hills Huntington Park Azusa Topanga Rancho Palos Verdes Claremont San Fernando Hacienda Heights Diamond Bar Santa Fe Springs Limited Conservatorship Cities in Los Angeles County.

Get Probate Service in Conservatorship today.  Call us: 213-260-0026

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San Fernando Valley Limited Conservatorship Paralegal

We have several Limited Conservatorship Paralegals who can assist you with the California developmentally disabled conservatorship or Limited Conservatorship services in the San Fernando Valley area:

  1.  Our Valley paralegals help you in the preparation of Limited Conservatorship Petition;
  2.  Our San Fernando Valley paralegal for limited conservatorship of special needs adults will prepare the case assignment forms and the notification of addresses to the court;
  3.  Preparation of all Notice of Hearing forms and documents;
  4.  We prepare the confidential conservatorship forms and supplemental forms.
  5.  We give notice to the Regional Center for you;
  6.  We also give notice to the family members and relatives;
  7.  We also prepare the Duties of the Conservator for you;
  8.  Our conservatorship paralegal prepares the conservatorship order and conservatorship letters for you to present to the court.
  9.  We communicate with you and clear all of your probate notes in your conservatorship case so you are ready to appear in court on the day of your hearing.
  10.  After the appointment, we will help you file the Conservatorship Level of Care form within 60 days of your appointment to keep you in line.

We charge a flat fee for our preparation services.   We will send you a fee agreement by email and your retain us by credit card.  All fees are payable in advance before we start your work.

You will make all of your own court appearances as we do not appear in conservatorship court.

We are a good alternative to the Bet Tzedek Conservatorship Clinic because we are available five days per week, and can get your limited conservatorship case filed fast.  If you do not want to wait in line at the conservatorship clinic at Bet Tzedek, email us at   You do not have to wait in line.  We process all of your papers without downtime, and by email, if you prefer.  We have attorney supervision available.

If you are a parent with a special needs child, please email us at and we can guide you as to our process.   We file limited conservatorship forms in California and serve the following areas Los Angeles County, Glendale, San Fernando Valley Conservatorships, Encino, Van Nuys, Encino Hills, Sherman Oaks, Lake Balboa, Granada Hills, Chatsworth, Northridge, West Hills, Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, Calabasas, Agoura, Agoura Hills, West Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, and Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, and Venice.  Get in touch with the paralegals who have helped San Fernando Valley residents for over 20 years with Developmentally Disabled Conservatorship – Limited Conservatorships.

How to Look Up Probate Notes in Each California County?

You can look up probate notes in each of the below counties in California by having the case number ready.

County of Los Angeles

County of Orange

More California Counties:

County of Marin

County of Alameda

County of El Dorado

County of Placer

County of Riverside

County of Sacramento

County of San Bernardino

County of San Diego,1530140&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

County of San Joaquin

County of San Luis Obispo

County of San Mateo

County of Santa Barbara

County of Solano

County of Sonoma

County of Stanislaus

What is the Fee to Prepare a Supplement to Clear Probate Notes in Los Angeles?

We charge a flat fee in Los Angeles to prepare a supplement to clear your probate notes:

Each supplement costs $250 for up to 5 notes.

Do you need to have the supplement served?

We charge $7.5 to serve the supplement per person who is required to be served with the supplement.

To have us prepare the supplement:

  1.  We need the case number.
  2.  We need your information.
  3.  We need the Notes from the Court.   Please email us your probate notes and we will help clear them.  Email the notes to   Please give us three days to prepare them.
  4.  Email us your name and phone number.
  5. If you don’t have the nones, please email us and we will order it for you.   Our runners charge us for the notes, so it is best to get it at
  6. If the Notes are not available online, we charge $50 to send a runner to court to get them for you.



Probate Paralegal

When you are looking for a probate paralegal in Los Angeles, ask questions about the following areas:

  1.  Availability for telephone appointments.
  2.  Availability to work after hours and on weekends to get your project done.
  3.  Online and Email Delivery of documents.
  4.  Online payment processing.
  5. Experience in your particular project type.
  6. It is not enough to be a generalist as a paralegal.  If your paralegal has not completed hundreds of probate and conservatorship cases, assisting you in self-help projects will be very inefficient.
  7. Ask if the paralegal is attorney supervised.    Attorney supervision allows you to solve problems fast and can help you select forms.

Contact us: