San Fernando Valley Limited Conservatorship Paralegal

We have several Limited Conservatorship Paralegals who can assist you with the California developmentally disabled conservatorship or Limited Conservatorship services in the San Fernando Valley area:

  1.  Our Valley paralegals help you in the preparation of Limited Conservatorship Petition;
  2.  Our San Fernando Valley paralegal for limited conservatorship of special needs adults will prepare the case assignment forms and the notification of addresses to the court;
  3.  Preparation of all Notice of Hearing forms and documents;
  4.  We prepare the confidential conservatorship forms and supplemental forms.
  5.  We give notice to the Regional Center for you;
  6.  We also give notice to the family members and relatives;
  7.  We also prepare the Duties of the Conservator for you;
  8.  Our conservatorship paralegal prepares the conservatorship order and conservatorship letters for you to present to the court.
  9.  We communicate with you and clear all of your probate notes in your conservatorship case so you are ready to appear in court on the day of your hearing.
  10.  After the appointment, we will help you file the Conservatorship Level of Care form within 60 days of your appointment to keep you in line.

We charge a flat fee for our preparation services.   We will send you a fee agreement by email and your retain us by credit card.  All fees are payable in advance before we start your work.

You will make all of your own court appearances as we do not appear in conservatorship court.

We are a good alternative to the Bet Tzedek Conservatorship Clinic because we are available five days per week, and can get your limited conservatorship case filed fast.  If you do not want to wait in line at the conservatorship clinic at Bet Tzedek, email us at   You do not have to wait in line.  We process all of your papers without downtime, and by email, if you prefer.  We have attorney supervision available.

If you are a parent with a special needs child, please email us at and we can guide you as to our process.   We file limited conservatorship forms in California and serve the following areas Los Angeles County, Glendale, San Fernando Valley Conservatorships, Encino, Van Nuys, Encino Hills, Sherman Oaks, Lake Balboa, Granada Hills, Chatsworth, Northridge, West Hills, Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, Calabasas, Agoura, Agoura Hills, West Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, and Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, and Venice.  Get in touch with the paralegals who have helped San Fernando Valley residents for over 20 years with Developmentally Disabled Conservatorship – Limited Conservatorships.