Probate Service Los Angeles

Our probate paralegals prepare and provide probate service-related documents in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles County has many local probate rules which require special attention when any paralegal provides estate services.  While you may look at each form yourself, selection of a probate form is a task which must be done in consultation with a probate attorney.   We obtain that probate consultation from an attorney on your behalf and will seek attorney supervision at no extra cost to you.

Probate trained paralegals can complete the forms and with attorney help select the best probate service to give our clients who have Los Angeles estate and will cases.  You do not need to pay for attorneys fees when you work with us.  If there is a case which we cannot handle, we will refer you to competent lawyers who will resolve your issues.

Examples of our Probate Services in Los Angeles

  1. Filing of Petition for Probate
  2. Publication
  3. Connect to you to a Bond Agent at a Surety who can get you bonded
  4. Notice to Creditors
  5. File Duties Form
  6. Get Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration issued.
  7. Get Tax Id number
  8. Prepare and File the Inventory and Appraisement
  9. Communicate with Probate Referee
  10. Prepare Final Accounting
  11. Prepare Final Petition for Distribution
  12. Get an Order re Final Distribution completed and filed.
  13. Prepare Ex Parte Application for Discharge

Working with us is beneficial because in routine cases, you can complete the probate without lawyers.  To get started with the probate process in California, complete our contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

What is our turn around time?  If you hire us to do the full probate, we will file your initial probate forms within a few days after you have provided us with a completed intake sheet and paid the retainer.

What is our call return time?  We schedule calls with you so we can serve you better.   Tell us when your preferred call back dates or times are and we will arrange our call with your schedule.  Email:

What are our normal work hours?  We work from 12 noon to 8p.  Our schedule is set so that your filings are done in the morning, and appointments are done between 12p-5p.