How to Look Up Probate Notes in Each California County?

You can look up probate notes in each of the below counties in California by having the case number ready.

County of Los Angeles

County of Orange

More California Counties:

County of Marin

County of Alameda

County of El Dorado

County of Placer

County of Riverside

County of Sacramento

County of San Bernardino

County of San Diego,1530140&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

County of San Joaquin

County of San Luis Obispo

County of San Mateo

County of Santa Barbara

County of Solano

County of Sonoma

County of Stanislaus

What is the Fee to Prepare a Supplement to Clear Probate Notes in Los Angeles?

We charge a flat fee in Los Angeles to prepare a supplement to clear your probate notes:

Each supplement costs $250 for up to 5 notes.

Do you need to have the supplement served?

We charge $7.5 to serve the supplement per person who is required to be served with the supplement.

To have us prepare the supplement:

  1.  We need the case number.
  2.  We need your information.
  3.  We need the Notes from the Court.   Please email us your probate notes and we will help clear them.  Email the notes to   Please give us three days to prepare them.
  4.  Email us your name and phone number.
  5. If you don’t have the nones, please email us and we will order it for you.   Our runners charge us for the notes, so it is best to get it at
  6. If the Notes are not available online, we charge $50 to send a runner to court to get them for you.