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When to hire a Probate Paralegal in Glendale & Los Angeles County?

  1. Hire a paralegal in Glendale when you need paralegal services and want to self-represent.
  2. Hire a paralegal to do research for you.
  3. Hire a paralegal for help you complete probate forms in Glendale.
  4. Hire a paralegal to find a will filed in Probate.
  5. Hire a paralegal in Glendale to prepare conservatorship forms.

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Paralegal Services for Probate & Conservatorships


We offer paralegal services and help self-represented litigants and attorneys in completing Los Angeles County Probate and Conservatorship forms.

Some of the paralegal services we offer are:

  1. Clearing Probate & Conservatorship Notes.
  2. Providing Research of Code Sections relevant to your issues.
  3. Locating Probate Files in Court.
  4. Looking up whether or not there is a probate case open in Los Angeles County.
  5. Preparing the Petition for Probate and for Conservatorships.
  6. Inventory preparation.
  7. Accounting Petitions.

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Probate Paralegal Los Angeles

Probate Paralegal Los Angeles

Our paralegals strive to help Los Angeles attorneys and consumers efficiently prepare and submit probate legal documents to the Los Angeles Probate Court.

Probate Process

The Probate Process in California can be divided into several general steps:

  1. Initial Intake
  2. Preparation of Petition for Probate
  3. Publication
  4. Appointment Hearing
  5. Order and Letters
  6. Duties
  7. Inventory
  8. Notice to Creditors
  9. Accounting
  10. Final Discharge