Probate Services Los Angeles

Probate Services Los Angeles:  We provide probate assistance in areas near Los Angeles and most counties in California, with focus on Los Angeles.  Below is a non-exclusive probate service list of our probate work:

Probate Services

  • Probate Petitions
  • Probate Inventory
  • Probate Orders
  • Probate Letters of Administration or Letters Testamentary
  • Obtaining an EIN or Tax Id Number for Estate Administraor or Execuro
  • Probate Notice to Creditors
  • Probate Acceptance and Rejection of Probate Claims
  • Letters to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board
  • Letters to Medi-Cal and Department of Health
  • Probate Accounting Petitions
  • Probate Petition for Special Administration
  • Probate Petition for Final Account and Distribution
  • Probate Sale Confirmation
  • Probate Assistance with Publication for Sale
  • Probate Reappraisal For Sale – Inventory
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Executor and Administrator
  • Ex Parte Application for Discharge
  • Receipts for Distribution
  • Probate service of process in the local areas in compliance with the Probate Code when we prepare probate documents.

Conservatorship Services

  • Conservatorship Petitions
  • Conservatorship Inventory
  • Conservatorship Orders
  • Conservatorship Letters of Administration or Letters Testamentary
  • Ex Parte Application to Extend Temporary Orders of Conservatorship
  • Ex Parte Application for Amended Letters
  • Letters to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board
  • Conservatorship Accounting Petitions
  • Report and Account of the Conservator
  • Petition for Final Account of the Conservator
  • Conservatorship Sale Confirmation Petitions
  • Assistance with Publication for Sale re Conservatorships
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Conservator
  • Ex Parte Application for Discharge of Conservator
  • If you are interested in our conervatorship service, please email us at

Los Angeles Paralegals come with various experise.  Our prarlegal service expertise is in the areas of probate, trust and conservatorship.  If you are searching probate, trust and conservatorship paralegal, look to us for document preparataion.

Need probate services in Los Angeles or probate-related non-probate services?  Email us at for specific probate help  Probate Services Los Angeles California, San Fernando Valley and Paralegal Service in Probate related matters in most Counties in California.

Probate Service Los Angeles
Probate Service Los Angeles